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Bow Sizing and Fastenings

Size Guide:

XS: 7x4cm

S: 9x5.5cm

M: 11x6.5cm

L: 14x8cm

XL: 16x9cm

Contact me with any queries regarding sizing and I'll be more than happy to help out!


Elastic Loop: loop of elastic on the back of the bow that you thread the collar through.

Velcro: strip of double-sided Velcro that can be attached around the collar to form a secure loop.

Clip: metal hair clip that can be clipped into fur/hair.

Note from me:

My personal favourite is the Velcro because it is so easy to adjust to fit around any collar securely and does not move around.

The clip-on bows can be clipped into your dog’s fur at the back of their neck, on their ears, or wherever you wish; however they can also be used as hair bows for yourself so that you can match your pup!

Elastic Loop

Bandana Sizing

Slip-On Bandanas

XS: 13x10cm

S: 16x12.5cm

M: 20x14.5cm

L: 24.5x17cm

(width x height)

Popper Bandanas

XS: 9"-12"

S: 12"-15"

M: 15"-18"

L: 17"-21"

*Please note - if you would like a custom size, please contact me. I can make smaller or larger bandanas to order if you send me the measurements you require!

Nebula Dog Bandana.jpg

Collar Sizing

Currently, our handmade collars only come in small and large, as they are widely adjustable and fit a huge range of neck sizes. However, if you would like a custom-made collar of a specific size please get in touch and I would be more than happy to make one to perfectly fit your dog!

S: 20-38cm neck

L: 36-58cm neck

Collars in the harness range come in sizes XS, S, M & L. See table below for sizes.


Contact me with any queries regarding sizing and I'll be more than happy to help out!

Collar Size Guide.jpg

Harness Sizing

Harness Size Guide.jpg

Human Apparel Sizing


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